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Wednesday and Thursday Schedules

Good evening,

I wanted to share an update and send a reminder about our schedule for this week. I had hoped to secure enough instructors to not interfere with rehearsal this Wednesday, but unfortunately we will not have enough Directors present to rehearse our scheduled afternoon block (noon - 4), due to teacher inservice at SVHS and our feeder Middle Schools. We WILL rehearse an extra hour for our morning block from 7am - 12pm. At noon, students will be dismissed. We WILL still host our Band Olympics as scheduled beginning at 4:30pm on the field behind the fieldhouse. I highly recommend all students attend Band Olympics. It is one of the best opportunities for sections to grow as a team.

Thursday will remain as scheduled. It is one of our few evening blocks that we have planned. Students will rehearse with us in the morning from 7am-11am, and will return at 5pm to rehearse until 8pm. This is a particularly important day as we will learn to march and play our first movement of our competitive show.

Thank you for your understanding, and I do apologize for any inconvenience.

Michael Childress

Director of Bands



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