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Remind 8/16/23: Meet the Band

Good evening! I have an announcement regarding meet the band and fish camp, but I wanted to send out a special thank you to our members who performed for convocation today! Thank you so much for a fantastic representation of our program and going the extra mile! Your performance was greatly appreciated by the SV staff.

An additional shout out to Mr. Kendricks for driving our equipment. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Tomorrow evening is our meet the band performance! We will unveil our show music and perform several tunes. Members will be fed at 5:15, and our audience will pick up food as they enter for the performance. You may leave after rehearsal and return for the meal/performance if you wish.

Winds and percussion, please plan to wear tennis shoes and jeans or non-athletic shorts with your Ranger band dry-fit shirt. If yours has not yet come in, please wear a black (or as close as you can get to black) shirt.

Color guard, please plan for dri-fit shirts, tennis skirt/shorts, tennis shoes. More details to come from Mr. A.

Freshmen will be released from rehearsal for fish camp. Upperclassmen will stay with the band staff for the remainder of our scheduled rehearsal time.

Thank you!

-Micheal Childress


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